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About the VIP story

VIPwear is a unique company with specifically designed products to help the vision impaired person. Many of us choose to not use a white cane, leaving us often feeling lost in the fast moving sighted world we live in. Letting people know I struggle with sight loss has been an on going issue for me. When I wear my toque or ball cap in public, people cant help but notice the symbol, after all its eye level, so I am not feeling like I stand out but still letting people who are face to face to me know I have sight loss.

Best Selling Products

Thermal 12oz Wine Tumbler (4 colors) $24
Light Weight, Quick Dry, Breathable VIP Cap, available in 5 colours $24
Cream cross body bag 9 inches long by 6 inches high worn around waist, also comes in black
Cross Body Bag that Holds a White Cane $40
Cross Body Bag that Holds a White Cane $40